All you need to know about the winter offers to join Alio Diang from Al-Ahly


Al-Ahly midfielder Aliou Diang imposed himself on the surface of the Egyptian and Al-Ahly sports events after he clearly starred with his club and country in the last period, especially after the offers returned to impose themselves on the player and his future with the Red Castle.

In the following report, we shed light on Diang’s future, offers, his level with Al-Ahly, and other details in the context of the following report:

Q: What is the truth about the offers Diang received in the last period?

A: During the last summer weightlifting, he received Diang Several offers, most notably from the Turkish Galatasaray, but negotiations did not take place.

Q: Why did Galat Sarayi’s negotiations to annex Diang fail last summer?

A: Because of the dispute between Al-Ahly and Galatasaray over the financial compensation, Al-Ahly requested 8 million dollars, or 7 million dollars, in addition to 20% of the player’s resale value, while Galatasaray’s offer stopped at 5 million and 300 thousand dollars.

Q: Were the offers renewed recently for Diang?

A: Yes.. After the player starred with Al-Ahly and the Mali national team, Galatasaray Club renewed its desire to include Al-Ahly’s midfielder.

Q: Did the Turkish club make an official offer to buy Diang next January?

A: There is no official offer, but there are serious negotiations that may reach the stage of an official presentation in the coming days and before the winter Mercato.

Q: What about Al-Ahly’s position on these offers?

A: Al-Ahly is awaiting the arrival of an official offer, and at that time it will decide the fate of the player who became one of the stars of the red genie in the last period.


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