America warns: Military developments threaten Ethiopia talks


Feltman spoke to reporters on Tuesday after his visit to Ethiopia, where forces Tigray It is advancing towards the capital, Addis Ababa, and several countries are asking their citizens to leave immediately. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on Monday that he would lead “from the battlefield” a war that has killed an estimated tens of thousands of people.

وقال Feltman The parties to the conflict are now talking about what they expect to discuss at the table, but the “tragedy” is that while the items on the table are similar, opinions differ as to which has priority.

“Unfortunately, each side is trying to achieve its goals with military force and believes that it is on the verge of winning,” he added.

As the US envoy stated that Tigray forces It must halt its advance toward the capital, warning that their demands might increase as they approach.

He explained that the Ethiopian Prime Minister told him that he was confident in his ability to push the Tigrayan forces back to their original region in the north of the country, but Feltman added, “I doubt this confidence.”

He stressed that he feels optimistic because Blue He was willing to talk about the details of what the diplomatic process might look like in order to stop the fighting.

He said, “There is no indication on the horizon that direct talks will take place between the two sides soon,” adding that there are “many ways to launch, including talks to bring views closer.”

Urgent issues include: the delivery of humanitarian aid to Tigray, which has been under a government siege since late June, and to an increasing number of residents of the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions, to which aid has been blocked by the fighting.

The diplomatic efforts are led by African Union envoy Olusegun Obasanjo, who has not made any statements recently about his efforts, which included a visit to the capital of Tigray to meet with regional leaders.

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