Americans and Brits arrested in Ethiopia


Americans and Brits arrested in Ethiopia


The Ethiopian authorities have arrested Americans and Britons as part of mass arrests made on an ethnic basis and targeting ethnic Tigrayans and their supporters, according to the Associated Press.

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The agency said that at least two Americans were among the Tigrayan detainees, and that Britain believed that “very few of its citizens have been arrested”, amid the new state of emergency imposed in the country where the war is escalating.

Thousands of ethnic Tigrayans have already been arrested in the capital, Addis Ababa, and across Africas second most populous country, the agency added, and fears of more such arrests increased on Thursday as authorities ordered landlords to register their tenants with the police.

The Ethiopian government says it is holding people suspected of supporting Tigray forces, which are close to Addis Ababa, in a year-long war with Ethiopian forces.

While rights organizations and lawyers say the arrests – which included children and the elderly – appear to be based on race.

The British government told The Associated Press that it had raised his case with the Ethiopian authorities.

The agency quoted the daughter of a British citizen that her father had been living in the United Kingdom for more than a quarter of a century and was visiting Ethiopia to work on his doctoral studies when he was arrested from his home in the capital on November 1.

She confirmed that her father was “not involved at all in what was happening”, and attributed his arrest “to the mere fact that he was a Tigrayan human being.”

Source: The Associated Press.

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