Amid European and Palestinian refusal… Israel gives the green light to build a settlement “the size of a small city” in East Jerusalem


  • Iman Erekat
  • BBC Arabic correspondent – Qalandia, north of Jerusalem

Old Jerusalem Airport, where the settlement is expected to be established

picture released, AFP

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Old Jerusalem Airport, where the settlement is expected to be established

The work of the Israeli bulldozers has not subsided in the lands of the town of Qalandia, north of Jerusalem, for months, specifically over the Jerusalem International Airport, the only air port in the West Bank, which was permanently closed by the Israeli authorities nearly two decades ago. The dredging works pave the way for the construction of a new settlement.

What was preliminary demolition work was added on Wednesday to an official preliminary approval, as the Planning and Building Committee in the Jerusalem Municipality approved the construction of the settlement, in an official Israeli decision that is the first of its kind for a settlement in East Jerusalem of this size since the nineties of the last century.

unknown fate

I met Maqdisi Raafat Awadallah on a hill overlooking his home in the town of Qalandia, north of East Jerusalem. We watched Israeli construction of a settlement he said would be built on top of his house, as well as about twenty-five other apartment buildings in which hundreds of Palestinians live, in the area under full Israeli control.

Raafat explained to me how he went to the Israeli courts two years ago with a petition to prevent the demolition of his house, which was rejected by the judiciary at the time, only to come recently the decision of the Jerusalem municipality to establish the settlement.

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