An Egyptian bride was killed by hanging in mysterious circumstances


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An Egyptian bride, 19, was hanged 45 days after her marriage, in mysterious circumstances.

The security authorities in Gharbia Governorate received a report that a 19-year-old housewife, residing in the village of Kafr Khader in the Center Department of Tanta University Hospital, had arrived dead after an allegation of hanging.

The officers of the center began their role by moving to the place of the complaint to discuss the victim’s family and find out the circumstances of the death, and the Public Prosecution was notified, which ordered the custody of the body.

Security investigations revealed that the body of the girl is a 19-year-old bride who has been married for several weeks to a charcoal worker, and she wears all her inner and outer clothes, and it was found that there were no injuries throughout the body except for injuries around the neck.

A security official in the Gharbia Security Directorate reported today about hidden reasons behind the death of a bride by hanging inside the marital nest due to family disputes after her marriage for about a month and a half in the Kafr Khader village in the center of Tanta.

The security official pointed out that there were marital differences between her and her husband, which made her fall into a depression that ended with the disposal of her life, and that there was no criminal suspicion in the accident.

In his directives to his assistants, the head of the Tanta Prosecution Center issued instructions for the importance of an autopsy on the bride’s body to explain the cause of death and how it occurred, to ascertain whether there is a criminal suspicion in the accident or not.

The Criminal Investigation Department was tasked with investigating the circumstances and circumstances of the incident, issuing a report on the incident and notifying the Public Prosecution Office of the investigation, which ordered an autopsy and burial of the body.


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