An immunologist determines how long antibodies to “Covid-19” remain in young people’s bodies


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An immunologist determines how long antibodies to . will live


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Dr. Nikolai Kryuchkov, a Russian immunologist, announced that antibodies to the “Covid-19” disease remain in the bodies of young people even after six months of their recovery.

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, Kryuchkov indicates that scientists are studying the duration of survival of “Covid-19” antibodies in the bodies of different age groups. Because the results of this study will allow to determine the time of revaccination.

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He adds, the Ministry of Health suggests re-vaccinating against “Covid-19” after six months of receiving the first dose of the vaccine. Because the goal of revaccination is to support the level of antibodies in the body, which gives good protection against infection. But there are some people whose immunity to COVID-19 lasts longer than others.

He says, “Recent data indicate that the level of antibodies after six months of vaccination or infection remains relatively high, so revaccination can be postponed. But there is no final decision in this regard, because studying the relationship between the level of antibodies and their protective properties is still slave-woman”.

According to him, scientists collect and analyze information, in order to determine the optimal time for re-vaccination for specific patients, taking into account their age and health condition. The expert does not rule out that revaccination of young and healthy people will be allowed after eight months or even nine months after the initial vaccination.

Source: RIA Novosti


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