Arab Cup 2021.. Strange behavior from the Iraqi coach to prevent his player from taking a penalty kick


Petrovich, the coach of the Iraqi national team, made a strange behavior during the confrontation with his Omani counterpart, which just ended in a 1-1 draw, in the first round of the first group matches of the championship. Arab Cup hosted by Qatar until December 18.

Petrovich stormed the match stadium after his player Ayman Hussein missed a penalty kick in the fifth minute of the match, in order to prevent him from taking the kick again, after the match referee decided to return it as a result of the Oman players entering the penalty area during its implementation.

The behavior of the coach of the Iraqi national team raised the astonishment of everyone on the field, as his players took him out of the field so that he would not be punished by the match referee.

The two goals of the match came from two penalty kicks, where Salah Al Yahyai scored Oman’s goal in the 78th minute from a penalty kick, and then Hassan Abdel Karim equalized in the seventh minute of the time instead of the match lost after the referee returned the penalty kick that was wasted and then went into Oman’s net.

The Iraqi national team had to complete the match with only ten players, after its player, Yasser Safaa Qassem, was sent off for obtaining two yellow cards in the 50th and 68th minutes of the match.

In the same group, Qatar will play its Bahraini counterpart at six thirty in the evening.


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