Ashraf Zaki on the investigation with Muhammad Ramadan: No one is above the law, and whoever is wrong will be held accountable


Dr. Ashraf Zaki, head of the Actors Syndicate, told The Seventh Day, commenting on the announcement of the captain of musicians, Hani Shaker, about transferring Muhammad Ramadan to the investigation, that no one is above the law, and “no one is immune and whoever is wrong is held accountable,” and Ashraf Zaki added, that Hani Shaker is in his power not to grant Muhammad Ramadan sings permits, and that he is awaiting an official letter requesting that Ramadan be transferred for investigation, to be an official move in this regard.

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Mohamed Ramadan

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Mohamed Ramadan

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Mohamed Ramadan
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Mohamed Ramadan

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Mohamed Ramadan

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Mohamed Ramadan

The Prince of Arab singing, Hani Shaker, had revealed during the Cinema Palace Salon yesterday, Tuesday, which addressed the problem of art and freedom of creativity, the reasons why Muhammad Ramadan was transferred to the investigation, which is his failure to adhere to the rules, appearing bare-chested and taking off his clothes on the stage, which Muhammad Ramadan promised Hani Shaker not to do. But he broke his speech and did it again, and Hani Shaker explained that the Musicians Syndicate had notified its counterpart, the Actors Syndicate, that it would not grant Muhammad Ramadan permits to sing again, except after being investigated by the Actors Syndicate, and notified of the results of the investigation into his violation of what he admitted before the Musicians Syndicate..

And Muhammad Ramadan had obtained a permit to sing, called the one-day permit, according to the regulations of the three technical unions, especially since he is not a member of the Musicians Syndicate, and with each statement, Muhammad Ramadan pledges to abide by the general rules and not take off his clothes on the stage, but it seems that he did not abide by this.

Hani Shaker added that the union did not prevent anyone, but rather applied the law, and the member must present his position on the recruitment and all the required papers..

Hani Shaker explained that Hama Beka took the syndicate exam and failed, and we brought him a music teacher, but he failed to attend and took the test again and failed, stressing that Beka has the right to join the syndicate exam a year from now, if he rehearsed and improved..

At the beginning of the salon, a documentary film featuring clips of Umm Kulthum’s songs was shown, then a number of songs called festivals.

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