Ballon d’Or: Cristiano Ronaldo rejects claim that his only ambition is to surpass Lionel Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo

picture released, Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo accused the editor-in-chief of “France Football” magazine of lying, after he said that the Portuguese star’s only ambition is to surpass Messi in the number of Ballon d’Or awards – the Golden Ball – before retiring.

Pascal Ferret, the organizer of the Balloon d’Or award, made the claim to the New York Times.

Paris Saint-Germain player Lionel Messi won the award for the seventh time, while Ronaldo finished sixth in the vote for the best player in the world.

Ronaldo said: “I always win for myself, and for the club I represent. I win for myself and for those who love me, I don’t win against someone.”


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