Bassiouni is the most prominent candidate to help Carteron in Zamalek


Abdel Hamid Bassiouni entered the circle of candidates to join the assistant apparatus of the French Patrice Carteron, the technical director of the first football team in Zamalek Club, where Bassiouni takes the position of general coach, and is one of the most prominent candidates to help the French Khawaja in the next stage, after the Board of Directors headed by Mortada Mansour prepared a list of all the nominated names. He held these two positions and presented them to Carteron to determine the elements he would like to join his auxiliary apparatus.

Zamalek officials are waiting for Carteron to return to Egypt in order to hold a session with him to resolve the file of his assistants and their joining his apparatus with the team’s first training after the vacation period they obtained after facing Ceramica in the sixth round of the Premier League competition, which ended with the victory of the white knight with a goal without a response.

and select Patrice Carteron The date for the resumption of group training for the team after the end of the rest granted to the players for a week, and the coach of Zamalek decided to resume training at four in the afternoon next Friday at Abdel Latif Abu Rjeila Stadium at the club’s headquarters, in preparation for the Arab Contractors match scheduled for next December 21 in the seventh round of the league competition..

And Carteron had left Cairo on Saturday morning, heading to Dubai to spend the vacation period, to return next Thursday.


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