Benadi Ali his customers in 3 languages.. Kamal is a tour guide and the profession is a fish seller in the Qena market (video)


“The Seventh Day” presented a live broadcast with Kamal Muhammad, a tour guide for 12 years, and a fish seller in Fish ring in Qena city by heredity.

Kamal Mohamed said that he graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of Archeology, then completed his studies and obtained a diploma in guidance, and began working in the field of tourism since 2007 and traveled to European countries.

Mohamed explained that he is still working in the field of tourism and guidance, as he obtained a license to practice translation in Danish, and he is among only 15 guides in Egypt. He is also fluent in German and English.

Kamal Mohamed pointed out that there is a difference in dealing between the tourism field and the market, but he was able to adapt to work in the field of selling fish, which he practiced years ago with his father before university studies, which helps him improve income.

Mohamed added that the opening event of Rams Road is a global event that helps in promoting tourism greatly to Egypt and attracts tourists to it, especially after the television broadcast of the event from many channels.

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