Can Instagram screenshot detection be avoided?


Instagram stories are a staple of modern social media life – but can you tell if someone picked it up?

Here’s a complete guide to finding out if anyone is at risk of embarrassment by taking a screenshot of her, according to The Sun.

When does Instagram notify that a screenshot has been taken?

Instagram doesn’t give a notification when someone’s post is a screenshot.

The app also doesn’t tell users when someone else has taken a screenshot of their story.

This means that Instagram fans can take hidden screenshots of other profiles without the other user’s knowledge.

What you should know about taking screenshots of Instagram DMs

It’s an entirely different story when it comes to Instagram direct messages.

If another user sends you a hidden photo or video via DM on the app and takes a screenshot, they will be notified.

But taking a screenshot of other content apart from the snapshots and clips disappearing on the DM will not result in a notification.

How to use screenshots to work on Instagram Stories?

In 2018, Instagram piloted a feature where users could see who was filming their Stories.

A star-shaped icon was stuck next to the handle every time a screenshot was taken during this time.

How to avoid screenshot detection on Instagram

As people on Twitter suggested, setting your phone to airplane or flight mode while capturing the screen won’t trigger app warnings.

Another solution is to visit Instagram for desktop.

There are also some apps that let you do the trick safely, including Story Reloader for iPhone and StorySaver on Android.


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