Carteron refuses to oust Oliveira from his assistant apparatus in Zamalek


French Patrice Carteron, coach of the first football team in Zamalek, rejected the proposal to remove Brazilian goalkeeper Arto Oliveira from his assistant staff and appoint a new goalkeeper coach, and choose between Osama Abdel Karim and Ayman Taher.

Carteron insisted on continuing the guards coach and not leaving him, especially since his joining the apparatus was based on the desire of the French Khawaja, and the board of directors seeks to persuade the coach to dispense with Oliveira to reduce expenses and use an Egyptian guard coach, especially since the performance of Zamalek guards did not develop in the required manner in the past period under Oliveiras leadership.

And it was reported, during the past few hours, that there was a special condition in the contract of the French Patrice Carteron, which prevents… Assign any member to his device The assistant technician without obtaining the approval of the technical director.

“The Seventh Day” contacted an official source in the previous committee that took over the management of the Zamalek Club to ascertain the reality of the existence of this condition, so that the source confirmed the incorrectness of these news, and confirmed that the technical director’s contract does not include a condition of this kind..

The source added that the only condition in the Carteron contract is a penalty clause that gives the technical director the right to leave the team if $ 300,000 is paid, and there are no other conditions in the contract between the French coach and Zamalek club..

Carteron is in Dubai at the present time for a short vacation, taking advantage of the rest period given to the team during the current suspension period due to the participation of the Egyptian team in the Arab Cup, and the French coach is scheduled to return to Cairo next Thursday to lead the white team training next Friday..

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