China puts a new satellite into Earth’s orbit


China puts a new satellite into Earth's orbit

Chinese media announced that its country recently succeeded in delivering a new satellite into Earth’s orbits for civilian use.

According to the China Corporation for Space Science and Technology (CASC), China has succeeded in placing the new Gaofen-11-03 satellite in the required orbit around the Earth, and will use it for civil purposes and to monitor vegetation cover and agricultural crops.

The aforementioned satellite was launched on Saturday, November 20, from the “Taiwan” space base in the Chinese province of Shanxi, at exactly 9:51 local time (4:51 Moscow time), and a Chinese Long March rocket was used in its launch, which this time became 397 in which China uses these missiles in space launches.

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In addition to using this satellite to monitor the vegetation cover of the Earth, China will also use it in land surveys, roads and urban planning, and will depend on it to provide data in cases of natural disasters.

It should be noted that China has been developing its space program significantly in recent years, and Chinese media indicated that its country plans to break a record in the number of space launches this year, as it plans to carry out at least 40 operations.

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