Communications Control Authority: Mobile companies were fined 25 million pounds for poor service


Eng. Ahmed Abdel Aziz Gad, Head of the Technical Office Sector at the National Telecom Service Quality Control Authority, affirmed the constant keenness to provide a distinguished service to citizens.

Gad said during a telephone interview with the media, Azza Mustafa, on the “Tahrir Hall” program on Sada Al-Balad channel that monitoring the quality of the communication service aims to identify any decline that affects the citizen; To make decisions to counter backsliding.

He explained that the quality of services provided by telecommunications companies differs from one region to another, pointing out that the agency monitored a decline in the quality of service quality of telecommunications companies, and issued violations worth 25 million pounds.

Gad stressed that the agency obliges companies to establish new stations to raise the efficiency of their service in areas that suffer from poor quality, promising citizens to obtain excellent service during the coming period.

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