Confidence and optimism on the face of Mohamed Salah in Liverpool training in preparation for the West Ham match


Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, a professional in the ranks of Liverpool, appeared in high spirits during the Reds’ training today, Friday, in preparation for the West Ham United match, next Sunday evening, as part of the 11th round of the English Football League “Premier League”.

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah

Salah appeared, in the photo published by the Liverpool account via Twitter, with a smile on his face accompanied by looks of confidence and optimism, and the Liverpool account commented on the photo, saying: “King Mohamed Salah is from the Reds training.”


And earlier today, Friday, the British newspaper “Sun”, in a report, shed light on the extraordinary brilliance of the Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, the recent Liverpool striker, and how he became the most feared striker in the world, thanks to a strict diet and a strenuous exercise plan..

The British newspaper said that Mohamed Salah has become one of the most terrifying strikers on the planet, and is one of the strongest candidates to win the Golden Ball award after a wonderful year with the Reds..

The newspaper pointed out that this season is the most distinguished season for the Egyptian star in the English Premier League, as he scored 10 goals in many matches for the Jurgen Klopp team, who is seeking the title..

And “Sun” explained that Salah’s brilliance came thanks to a strict diet and a strenuous exercise plan, including his training at three in the morning during the month of Ramadan..


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