“Did you forget the groom or what?”.. Details of Aya Makram’s crisis because of Tam


02:34 PM

Thursday 25 November 2021

I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy:

A number of social media pioneers shared a video of blogger Aya Makram’s wedding, which angered her followers at her wedding.

Who is Aya Makram?

Aya Makram Blogger from Alexandria Governorate, won the title of Miss Veiled for the year 2018, graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and opened an online clinic, through which she is keen to provide medical advice, and worked for a while on the radio “Our Freedom.”

I lost consciousness because of Tamer Hosny

At one of Tamer Hosni’s concerts, for a mobile company, “Aya” lost consciousness after watching “Tamer” and expressed her happiness because she is one of his biggest fans.

Her wedding surprise

The artist Tamer Hosni was keen to attend “Ayas” wedding and appeared in disguise on the “Stage”. As soon as Aya learned of the surprise, she screamed with joy for Tamer’s presence.

tamer hosny comment

“Aya and Hemin surprised my beloved ones, the most beautiful newlyweds, and I made myself a photojournalist, and I took care of something behind the camera, and I put on a mask and glasses to get out of the crowd without anyone feeling me. Congratulations, a million congratulations, your joy in the world, Aya, may God make you more beautiful. He dominated in the world, and after everyone.”

child attack

The audience attacked “Aya” for trying to remove a girl on “The Stage” as soon as Tamer Hosni appeared, and the comments came: “You are my girl, the little girl, because you want to say hello to Tamer”, and it is forbidden to tear the little girl in her heart like this, “It is forbidden for you, the little girl.” , “The little girl made it difficult for me” and other comments.

Another attack because of Tamer Hosny and her husband

The audience attacked her again because of her dancing with Tamer Hosni on the stage and ignoring her husband, and the comments came: “You forgot the groom or what?” .

Aya Makram’s response to the girl’s video

After the attack on her, Aya Makram responded to the girl’s video, saying: “I think this video is the biggest evidence and people want to focus very much on the attack that happened on the stage from many photographers and people, and this is the biggest evidence and people want to focus very much on the attack that happened on the stage from many photographers and people. “.

And she continued, “When we saw this scene, he and I told her to go down quickly. Watch and see and judge for yourself. If you saw your daughter in a place that was attacked like this, what would you do? This is my sister’s daughter and I am more afraid of her than you, and I think the video proves this. Bayina and he is peshawarlha.”

Your right to me, my love

Through the feature of the short stories “Al Astori” through her official account on the Instagram website, “Aya” wrote to her husband: “I love you and you will prefer, in my view, the kindest, greatest and most beautiful man in the world, our Lord, never deprive me of you.”

And she continued: “The joy of my life that came after years of fatigue, and I will not allow anyone to waste this joy on us. Your right is above me, my love.”


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