Disclosure of conditions for Egyptian workers to travel to Saudi Arabia


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Egyptian media revealed the details of the return of Egyptian workers to Saudi Arabia and the conditions for entering Saudi lands after the opening of direct flights between the two countries tomorrow, Wednesday.

Hamdi Emam, Head of the Labor Attachment Companies Division in the Chambers of Commerce, said that the return of direct flights between the two countries, starting from Wednesday evening, includes a package of conditions, the first of which is that the traveler performs a “pcr” smear before leaving Egypt, 72 hours of travel and registration on the Admission platform.

According to him, as soon as the Egyptian worker arrives in Saudi Arabia, he will be institutionally quarantined for a period of five days in one of the hotels approved by the Saudi government at the expense of the expatriate, and every contract worker, returnee, or family is also advised to review the travel conditions with all their details for pre-booking, which is linked to airlines.

Imam continued, that there are nearly 70,000 Egyptians preparing to return to Saudi Arabia, stressing that airline tickets, reservations and hotels have increased threefold, since Saudi Arabia announced the opening of airlines.

It is noteworthy that the recruitment companies have received instructions from an official source at the Saudi Ministry of Interior regarding what was previously announced to temporarily suspend direct entry from some countries to the Kingdom, which requires spending “14” days outside it before entering, for reasons related to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

It is noteworthy that the labor representation of the ministry at the Egyptian Consulate General in Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, confirmed that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a circular issuing the approval of the competent authority to lift the suspension of direct entry to the Kingdom from the countries from which the arrival of residents who received two doses of the Corona vaccine inside the Kingdom before leaving it, and to allow For them to return to the Kingdom directly, and to apply to them all the precautionary measures adopted.


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