Do not forget about her.. 8 signs that confirm that you married a teenager


Follow up – Ali Mualla:

With the pressures of life and daily responsibilities, the husband may feel that he did not live life as he should, and that there are many things that he did not try, and that his life was stolen from him and he wants to compensate it again, so he begins to change his external appearance in an attempt to appear young again, as if he is giving himself the opportunity Once again to live life as he wanted.

The husband may be a teenager by nature, and with the first day of marriage you discover that he does not want to take responsibility, and lives for his happiness only, and if you are wondering what the signs of a teenage husband are, we will tell you about them as follows:

1. He finds that life has become boring.

If your husband, by nature, loves the house, he may turn his condition and become unable to sit in it, or he deals carelessly towards his work and his daily responsibilities, because he feels that family life and work are the reason why he did not live a life of hustle, and that there are years of his life that have fallen due to responsibilities.

2. He tries to woo women.

Your husband now wants to feel wanted, and age has not yet passed, so you may notice that he is courting the women around him, whether relatives or one of the neighbors, or he starts talking on the phone a lot, and is alone during the call.

3. He always criticizes you.

You will notice on your husband that anything no longer satisfies him, whether your appearance, the food you prepare, your hairstyle, or even the appearance of the house, and he makes excuses for all these things so that he does not spend his time with you.

4. He abdicates his responsibilities.

The husband may begin to abandon his financial and daily obligations towards you and your children, and he will ask you to do them instead, such as fixing the water tap yourself, or going to pay the installments, and other things that he was doing.

5. He refrains from intimacy.

Intimacy will either become a routine task that the husband does without soul or passion, or he may feel that it is a burden on him, and he may abandon it completely, and separate in his own bedroom.

6. He blames you.

Any problem that happens in the house, you will be the cause, and he will blame you for everything, even the bad things that happen to him.

7. Follows strange habits.

The husband will try to regain his life and his previous years of life, to feel that he still has the opportunity to do many things, so he may start practicing strange habits, such as smoking, drug or alcohol abuse, going to nightclubs, and other things that may cross the border, just to feel That he is able to do different and new things.

8. He changes his appearance.

The husband will show great interest in his clothes, and he may start changing his classic style to a modern one that may not suit his age, even the type of perfume may try youthful, stark types, and is keen to hide the white hairs on his head, or even wear wigs.

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