Do you know how to make stickers in WhatsApp Web?


The web version of the WhatsApp platform has got a new tool that allows you to create the stickers you want via the computer, according to a report by the Arab Gateway for Technical News .

You can use this tool directly through the web version without the need to download any external applications or tools, and it is an easy and fast way for you to make stickers and share them with your friends without having to install external applications on the phone.

How to make stickers in WhatsApp Web

You must choose the image that you want to convert into a poster carefully, and while the tool can convert any image into a poster, you can choose images that are easy for the tool to make and do not require you to much effort in cutting and selecting the image.

There is no specific image size, and as a result you can use any image you want without having to take into account its size, and you can do this by following these steps:

1- Go to the conversation you want to send the sticker to and open it.

2 – After that, click on the attachments tab in the conversation window and choose the labels tag and you will find it directly above the images.

3- Choose the image you want to convert into a poster from your computer.

4 – After that, modify the image as you wish, and you can add any texts or emojis, or even cut a part of the image and use it without the rest.

The tool includes many editing options for the image, where you can add emojis or another sticker on top of it, or write and draw on it.

You can also undo any step or modification that you did not feel suitable for the image via the undo button, and this tool has not reached the computer application yet, and as a result you need to use WhatsApp Web to access it.

There is no information about the access of this tool to mobile applications, as you still need to use external applications to make stickers on phones. Design WhatsApp stickers on phones. There are many external applications that you can download through the App Store or Google Play to make WhatsApp stickers.

These applications create a group of stickers together and then export them to WhatsApp to be used as a sticker pack. There are free and paid applications that help you design WhatsApp stickers on mobile phones..


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