Does Musimani agree to Taher Muhammad Taher’s departure from Al-Ahly in the winter?


It seems that the days of Taher Mohamed Taher, a player Al Ahly, became numbered within the walls of the Red Castle, after the player left the accounts of the South African, Betso Musimani, the team’s technical director during the current period, which we shed light on in the following lines.

Q: What did Taher Muhammad Taher offer with Al-Ahly?

A: Taher Mohamed Taher, 24, participated in 45 matches with Al-Ahly, with a total of 2381 minutes of play, and succeeded in scoring six goals and making five other goals, and crowned with the Red Genie the Egypt Cup, the African Super Cup and the African Champions League, along with the bronze in the Club World Cup.

Q: What are the best matches of Taher Mohamed Taher with Al-Ahly?

A: Taher Mohamed Taher was one of the most prominent players who made a distinguished presence with Al-Ahly in the Club World Cup, during which Al-Ahly won the third place and the bronze in the World Cup, especially in the Bayern Munich match, during which Taher played as Al-Ahly and was applauded and praised by everyone.

Q: What is Musimani’s position on the departure of Taher Muhammad Taher from Al-Ahly?

H: Musimani welcomed the player’s loan in the upcoming winter transfers, and Musimani believes that Taher Mohamed Taher did not implement the technical instructions he gave him during the last period in order to develop his performance, so that he could reserve a key place in the red squad, so he welcomed the idea of ​​loaning the player to one of the league clubs Excellent in next January in order to participate continuously and gain the experience necessary for the weight of his talent, after which the verdict will be on his return to the Red Castle again or not.

Q: Did Taher Muhammad Taher receive offers to leave Al-Ahly?

A: Al-Ahly striker Taher Mohamed Taher received an offer from a marketing company, which brought an offer from an Emirati club in preparation for the player’s departure from the Red Castle during the next winter Mercato. Or not during the coming period, especially after he was excluded from the last matches.

Q: Does Taher Muhammad Taher agree to the idea of ​​lending in the winter?

A: Taher rejects the idea of ​​leaving on loan to any of the Egyptian clubs, despite receiving more than one offer, most notably from Smouha and the Alexandrian Union. And Mozambican Luis Miccione, and Hussein Al-Shahat comes behind them, so that Taher’s chance to return to the accounts of the technical staff becomes difficult.


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