Don’t hit anyone on his hand.. the confessions of the accused of forging Corona vaccine certificates


An accused man admitted to forging medical certificates stating that citizens had obtained the Corona vaccine contrary to the truth, stressing that he seeks to collect money from citizens, taking advantage of his superior ability to forge documents and official papers, and that he does not force anyone to forge, but customers come to him on their own. “.

The agencies of the Ministry of Interior continued to combat crimes of forgery of official documents and counterfeiting government seals, within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior agencies to combat crime in all its forms, especially crimes of forgery of official documents and counterfeiting government seals..

Information and investigations by the General Department for Combating Public Funds Crimes in the Public Funds Crimes and Organized Crime Sector confirmed that a person (a partner in a printing press, with criminal information, residing in the Sinbillawain Police Station Department in Dakahlia) engaged in a criminal activity in the field of forging official and customary seals and papers and promoting them to his clients. Those wishing to obtain it, who were prevented by legal obstacles from obtaining it through legal means, took from the printing press owned by him and located in the Sinbillawain Police Station Department in Dakahlia as a den to practice his sinful activity.

After codifying the procedures in coordination with the Public Security Sector and the Dakahlia Security Directorate, it was targeted and could be seized, and by searching the headquarters of the aforementioned printing press, 4 wooden stamps of the republic’s emblem were found that were counterfeit for several government agencies – 3 cliches for several government agencies – 2488 certificates of vaccination for the Corona virus vaccine free of data attributed Issuing it to a government agency free of data and prepared for forgery A number of tools used in the manufacture of forged seals A set of documents free of data prepared for forgery and whose issuance is attributed to several government agencies – 66 papers stamped with the seal of the Republic’s logo forged, attributed to several government agencies – 3 mobile phones), and facing it He admitted his criminal activity as indicated, and also admitted that he had imitated and forged the seals of the Republic’s emblem, and that he used them to fabricate and forge official and customary documents, and dowry them with the seals of the emblem of the Republic and promoted them to his clients who wish to obtain them in return for sums of money that he receives in return.

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