Egypt.. A mysterious suicide letter in an Egyptian university returns to the fore


Social media activists in Egypt republished the horrific incident of the suicide of a student at Ain Shams College of Medicine, where it topped the list of the most circulated on Twitter in recent hours.

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Egypt.. A message from a girl in the toilet of Ain Shams University frightens students (photo)

The story began when a picture spread on social media platforms earlier this year, during which the student wrote on the bathroom wall of the college: “We will commit suicide on 1/11/2021, the world is not fair. The first three did not satisfy me.”

She left her signature at the end of the letter as a patient with bipolar disorder: “BY BIPOLAR DEPRESSION PATIENT”, without revealing his identity.

Although a not short period of time has passed since the date indicated by the student wishing to commit suicide and not monitor the suicide itself, a number of tweeters republished his message again on a large scale, denouncing the list of the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University in the matter of students passing exams.

A number of student activists circulated a tweet, the owner of which commented on the college system, saying: “A picture from a bathroom in the Faculty of Medicine of Ain Shams University, the strangest medical list in Egypt.”

He added: “You can imagine that the one who wrote the letter will repeat a whole year because he fell two degrees in one exam, for example, with 70 degrees, and succeeded in ten other exams, for example, with 950 degrees.”

He continued: “You did not try to find the one who wrote the letter, listen to them and succeed with the material they have, and you save about 100 people from a dark future, and on the idea of ​​their right, like other universities, you do not sympathize with them.”

One of the participants indicated that he suffers from the same condition as the author of the letter, saying: “The young man who wrote the suicide letter suffers from a mental illness called bipolar. Seasonal bout of depression, so there are many suicides, most of whom suffer from this type of disease.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Ashraf Omar, confirmed that “the results of the batch are reviewed more than once through a procedure called re-monitoring, and an analysis of the exams is conducted.”

He continued: “Exams are analyzed in a scientific process in medical education known as Exam analysis, through the unit of measurement and evaluation, to ensure the balance of the exam, so that the percentage of questions that are easy is from 60 to 70%, and the percentage of questions of medium difficulty is 20%, and the percentage of questions that need to 10% thinking.

He added: “Then the success rate achieved in the exam is considered. If it is 60 or 70%, then this is the normal rate. If the exam is of a high degree of difficulty, difficult questions are deleted so that the exam is balanced, and then its result appears.”

He stressed that: “The review process is not applied to a single student, but all exams are reviewed by the General Examiners Committee, which reviews each exam separately in coordination with the Measurement and Evaluation Unit, to determine whether the exam has a difficulty rate that may be unfair to students.”

He continued: “If a student who wants to commit suicide is known because he feels unjust as a result of his failure, he will be directed to treatment to receive psychological treatment.”

He stressed that if the student fails in any number of subjects during the first round of exams, he can repeat the exams in the second term, explaining that if he fails again during the exams of the second term, he must repeat the year with only the subjects he failed in, whatever their number.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm

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