Egypt announces its plan to save Alexandria from drowning


The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, revealed that Egypt has taken measures over the past years to implement the protection of beaches, while maintaining the exits of the torrent on an annual basis, noting that the state deals with extreme events related to the climate in an early warning manner, so the government issues Decisions to grant vacations in the days of severe rain waves, pointing out that the height of the waves sometimes reaches 15 and 20 meters in Alexandria, which was not the case before.

He added, during a telephone interview to the “Liberation Hall” program, in response to the statements of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, regarding the possibility of Alexandria drowning in the future due to climate change, that “the information about the possibility of cities drowning around the world in 2100 due to climate change is not new, but rather a red lamp.” We have had it for a while, but some are dealing with the situation in a way that they do not approach prayer, because the state implements protection systems,” noting that the state has been subjected during the past years to torrents that can be described as an “extreme event.”

The Minister of Irrigation stated that the state had carried out protection works for the Qaitbay Citadel, after it had collapsed due to decay.

He warned against dumping garbage in water resources and canals, as it contributes to increasing pollution and raising the temperature, adding, “We thank our Lord, there is always early warning for Egypt, and we give 8 Arab and African countries a daily forecast of rain, and we changed the method of using water to deal with periods of drought and flood.”

He stressed that the national project for lining canals contributes to reducing the risks of water pollution, adding, “The cost of protection work is high, but the return on preserving lives and agricultural lands is higher.”

The Minister of Irrigation said that the Operations Room of the Council of Ministers is following around the clock the infringements on the Nile River and waterways, adding, “Awareness has increased among the citizens, and they are notifying themselves when they detect an infringement,” noting that more than 4,000 cases have been removed from the Rashid branch.

Regarding what was reported about the possibility of the collapse of the High Dam, if the Ethiopian dam collapsed, the Minister of Irrigation said, “We are ready to absorb water by opening the dam’s gates, or by rehabilitating the Toshka region, so there is an emphasis on confronting the encroachments on all waterways,” adding that there must be a readiness for all The odds, even if they are weak, not to cause a flood.


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