Egypt .. Can the “Red Genie” storm the “White Castle”?


Zamalek The defending champion won the first two matches against Enppi and Talaa Al-Jaish with the same result (2-0), while Al-Ahly crushed the Ismaili team (4-0) in the first round, then narrowly beat Al-Ahly Bank (1-0) in the second.

French coach Patrice Carteron, who previously trained Al-Ahly, plans to give Zamalek a precious victory that gives him a very early advantage in the league race, to preserve the title and advance towards the 14th shield in the history of the White Castle..

white advantage

Osama Nabih, the former assistant coach of Patrice Carteron, said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that Zamalek has the advantage in winning the summit match, outweighing its balance at the expense of Al-Ahly.

Nabih said: “Zamalek has greater chances in this field.” top matchHe is in a better condition and closer to winning than Al-Ahly, given the team’s enjoyment of a state of great technical stability“.

The former Zamalek player and coach reduced the administrative crises that the white difference was going through, adding: “Apart from the financial and administrative crises, Zamalek on the field was not affected by such things, and the team is in a wonderful condition.”“.

Osama Nabih had left his position last September, objecting to the way the ball file was managed in the White Castle, and he explained in an official statement that his resignation came out of respect for himself, the players and the club’s fans for his inability to find solutions for the team..

offensive hexagon

Nabih, who knows the Zamalek team well, believes that the white goals will come through 6 players at the top, only 4 of them will participate in the beginning..

And Nabih continued: “The danger of Zamalek always comes from the front quadrant in the 4-2-3-1 method, at the present time, Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Ashraf Bencharki, Youssef Obama and Omar Al-Saeed are participating.“.

And the former Zamalek coach added: “But the team also has Mustafa Fathi and Saif Al-Jaziri, to have a hexagonal carteron who knows how to score goals and reach the goal from the shortest way.”“.

Effect Shikabala

The summit match witnessed the absence of Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala” due to a decision to suspend him for 8 matches from the Competitions Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, and Al-Ahly’s confrontation will be the third in his suspension period..

And about his impact on the leader’s absence, Nabih said: “There is no doubt that the presence of Shikabala is very important, if Zamalek has a great offensive force now, this strength is multiplied by the presence of Shikabala, certainly his absence will be influential.“.

But Nabih corrected, saying: “In all cases, Zamalek has the upper hand before the match, and has enough to win over Al-Ahly even in the absence of Shikabala, who enjoys great success in the last matches against Al-Ahly.”“.

Shikabala scored a great goal against Al-Ahly in the CAF Champions League final 2020 in a match that Al-Abyad lost (2-1), then repeated his goal in the league last April on a night that also witnessed the same result for the red team..


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