Egypt..Controlling a fire in a church and communication sites buzzing with the “heroism” of an officer before the arrival of the firefighting teams (photos)



Egypt..Controlling a fire in a church and communication sites are buzzing with

The pioneers and pages of social networking sites in Egypt circulated a picture of an officer from the Giza Security Directorate, and described him as having rescued the “Virgin Mary” church, in the Warraq area, after it was exposed to a fire as a result of a short circuit.

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Egypt.. Parliamentary action regarding

The Civil Protection in the Egyptian governorate of Giza was able to control the fire of the “Virgin Mary” church, after pushing civil protection vehicles, as it succeeded in controlling it, before it spread to neighboring buildings, without causing major damage and without causing injuries, and a report was issued on the incident.

As investigations revealed, a small short circuit occurred in an electrical panel, which was the cause of the fire.

And pictures of officer Ahmed Adel spread on social media, as he initiated attempts to extinguish the fire, before the arrival of the civil protection forces, which arrived and completed the process of extinguishing and controlling the fire, and the officer appears in the pictures wearing black work clothes, and traces of “fire powder” appeared on his clothes. A number of church-goers gathered around him and greeted him.

Source: “Al-Watan” + RT

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