Egypt.. Execution by hanging of a worker who “intimated his daughters by force”



Egypt.. the execution by hanging of a worker


An Egyptian court sentenced a worker to death by hanging after it was proven that he was accused of having sexual intercourse with his two daughters against their will in their home located in a village affiliated to the Sidi Salem Center.

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Egypt.. New developments in the case of an Egyptian citizen sexually assaulting a Syrian girl

The verdict was pronounced in presence in the Kafr El-Sheikh Criminal Court, “the third circuit”, after receiving the approval of the Grand Mufti to execute him by hanging, based on the referral decision issued by the court in the session of October 26 of last month.

According to the investigations, the details of the case date back to February of this year, when YAA and her sister NAA, both under 18 years old, submitted a complaint to Mohamed Salem, Director of the Sidi Salem Prosecution Office. The previous case, in which each of them accuses her father, 48, who works as a security guard in one of the cities in the Alexandria governorate, of having sexual relations with her and her sister, under duress, which led to her sister getting pregnant with him in incest, and as a result she gave birth to a baby girl, whose lineage to the perpetrator was proven to be her father.

The Public Prosecution Office of Sidi, under the supervision of the Public Prosecutor of Kafr El-Sheikh Prosecutions, decided to present the accused and his daughter to the medical laboratories in Tanta, to conduct a DNA analysis to prove the lineage of the child from the accused.

Source: “Al-Masry Al-Youm”

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