Egypt .. Revealing the events of the series “Big Ramy” for the Ramadan 2022 season


Egypt..disclosure of the events of the series

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Bodybuilder Big Ramy

Egyptian producer Ahmed Samir revealed the events of the first representative experience of the bodybuilding champion “Big Ramy”, who had announced earlier his entry into the artistic field in a series that he will participate in in the upcoming Ramadan season 2022.

And the “Cairo 24” website said, quoting an explanation provided by Ahmed Samir through the “ET Arabic” program: “There is a new and different work, we will present something worthy of our audience and worthy of a world star like “Big Ramy.”

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He added: “Unfortunately, by land, they issue super models to our youth and children, and we, our Lord, owe it to this natural, and we have a superstar, a superhero and a world champion, and God willing, we will make the first Egyptian Arab super hero, like Superman and Hulk.”

And he added, “Unfortunately, they use these personalities to pass ideas that may or may not be appropriate for us in the Arab world.”

He added, “We see that Ramadan is very suitable, because the work is different from what is in the market, and our man has fallen very strong.”

Intense working sessions are scheduled to be held in the coming days between Big Ramy and the work team, to agree on the final details, as a media statement confirmed that a number of international professionals in bodybuilding are scheduled to participate.

Source: “ET in Arabic” + “Cairo 24”

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