Egypt .. Secretary of the fatwa responds to “considering antiquities as idols” and provides examples from Islamic history


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Mukhtar Mohsen, Secretary of Fatwa at the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, responded to those who claim that historical monuments are considered idols and that they must be destroyed or demolished.

Mohsen explained in a speech during a lecture entitled “The Takfiri’s position on antiquities and considering them as idols, a study and criticism,” where he said, according to what was reported by the Egyptian TV website, that “the antiquities are among the historical values ​​and things that have an impact on the life of society, and therefore those who beg themselves are He calls for prejudice to any historical monument under the pretext that Islam forbids the existence of such things in his country, as this reflects extremist trends that reflect ignorance of the Islamic religion.

And he continued, saying: “Islam spread through softness and encouragement, and not through confrontation and intimidation, based on the Almighty’s verse (invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good preaching),” stressing that “the antiquities that exist in all the countries that Muslims entered, did not order any of the honorable Companions to demolish them or approach them.” .

He added: “The Companions entered Egypt during the Islamic conquest and found Pharaonic and other monuments. They did not issue a fatwa or legal opinion affecting these monuments, which are of great historical value.”

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