Egypt takes action to stimulate the mobile industry nationally


Egypt takes action to stimulate the mobile industry nationally


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The Egyptian Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, indicated that some categories of customs tariffs have been modified to encourage the national industry, in a way that contributes to stimulating the investment environment in Egypt.

He said that a customs tax of 10% was imposed on imported mobile phones, to stimulate the local industry in information technology, especially mobiles, while keeping computers, accessories and “tablets” exempt, as one of the main tools for digital transformation and development of the education system.

He pointed out that a customs tax was imposed on imported photovoltaic cells as a final product equivalent to 5%, especially that the basic components of photovoltaic cells are already subject to tax categories ranging from 2 to 5%, pointing out that the customs treatment of the tariff of “photovoltaic cells” achieves the required balance between Production inputs, intermediate goods, and finished products.

He also pointed out that the customs tax was reduced from 60% to 2% for “jet heads of vessels filled under pressure” (spray heads), as it is a production requirement for a number of industries, and a customs tax was imposed on what is contained in the form of “granite slabs”. by 20%.

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