Egypt .. The police seize the “thief of the million pounds”


A security source told “Sky News Arabia” that the case began with a report to the police from a woman, after she discovered that a sum of money more than one million pounds had been stolen from her home.

The reporter confirmed that she was outside the country with her husband, who holds the citizenship of a foreign country.

The source added that “the security services moved to the house, and the inspection revealed a scattering of its contents, the safety of all its outlets, and the absence of signs of broken doors and windows.”

He explained: “A research team was formed, whose efforts concluded that the perpetrator of the incident was a blacksmith who has a criminal record and is a resident of Al-Salam City in Cairo“.

The forces arrested the accused, and during his interrogation, he confessed to committing the crime using a fake key, and admitted using his brother’s car in the facts. StealingSeveral counterfeit keys and tools that he uses in carrying out his crimes were found in his possession, as well as some stolen items from other homes.

The accused was referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation, where it was decided to imprison him for 4 days pending the case, while the stolen items were handed over to their owners.

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