Egypt.. Urgent messages to citizens before they enter government facilities tomorrow


Egypt.. Urgent messages to citizens before they enter government facilities tomorrow


Tomorrow, Wednesday, many government institutions in Egypt will start implementing the Cabinet’s decision to prevent the entry of citizens who do not have the vaccine against Corona, to avoid the spread of the virus or transmission of infection.

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In this regard, the Ministry of Health, in a statement, sent an urgent message to citizens who did not receive the vaccine alerting them that they still have the opportunity to obtain the vaccine during the coming hours so that they are allowed to enter government institutions to meet their various needs, and all governorates are scheduled to witness the application of the vaccine. The decision is from tomorrow morning, Wednesday, in various official authorities.

The Ministry of Health stated in a statement that there is an abundance of vaccines, and the vaccination process is being expanded in various governorates of the Republic and in various vital facilities that witness a great demand by citizens, such as vaccination booths located in railway and subway stations, and mobile vaccination teams affiliated with the Ministry. In order to reach the largest base of citizens.

The Ministry of Health indicated that citizens can go to vaccination centers or through kiosks or mobile teams with the national number card, and the competent teams will register their data on the health website, and receive the vaccine dose at the same time, within the ministry’s speed to overcome any obstacles for citizens in Get vaccinated.

The ministry stressed that there is still an opportunity for all age groups of citizens to obtain the vaccine to maintain their health first, and then to avoid the spread of infection, and that vaccines are the only weapon to prevent the spread of the virus or the emergence of new strains of it.

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