Egypt witnessed a heinous crime that lasted for 4 days



Egypt witnessed a heinous crime that lasted for 4 days


A young man in Dakahlia Governorate in Egypt lured a girl with special needs to the roof of his house and sexually assaulted her for 4 days, until the people discovered the incident.

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The director of Dakahlia Security received a notification from the residents of the disappearance of “Asmaa. B. S.” 20 years old, mentally handicapped, and her mother confirmed that her daughter went out to buy sweets from a store near the house, but she did not return.

A search team was formed from the Mansoura Police Department, and by examining the surveillance cameras, it was found that the girl did not move away from the area where she lives, and no camera recorded her exit.

Eyewitnesses confirmed: “We called her over the mosque loudspeakers, and her mother started looking for her daughter in the streets and entered homes looking for her, until she was found on the roof of a house in the area.”

One of the residents explained that the girl stayed for 4 days on top of the house until the people found her, bearing signs of assault, and when discussing her, she instructed about the young man who committed the incident.

The investigations of the Mansoura Police Department managed to arrest the accused, who admitted that what happened with the girl was just contact.

The girl was presented to the health inspector to make a report on her health condition, and the report necessary to take legal measures was issued.

Source: “Masrawy”

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