Egyptian singer Nader Abu El-Leef is exposed to a sudden health crisis


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The Egyptian singer Nader Abu El-Leef was exposed to a health crisis yesterday, Friday, after which he was transferred to a hospital in Cairo, and he undertook medical examinations, electrocardiograms and medical analyzes, and was quickly discharged from the hospital despite the doctors’ request to detain him.

Singer Nader Abu El-Leef will cooperate in the coming days with partium media production, producer Hisham Abu Shahba and poet Ahmed Jaber, in a mini-album called “Alista”, which is scheduled to be released during the summer of this year.

Abu El-Leef achieved great success with his song “A fault like this”, praised by his fans and fans, and the song was written by Mahmoud Shawky, composed by Moataz Amin, arranged by Bayram, and mixed by Osama Abdel Hadi.

Last January, the artist, Nader Abu El-Leef, released his new song, “A fault like this”, on his official pages on social networking sites and YouTube, in celebration of the advent of the New Year 2021.

Moataz Amin revealed the scenes of the song, saying: “The beginning of work on the song was through a musical track, then we started implementing it and working on it, and then we added the words that were completely appropriate for Abu Al-Leef’s personality because it is light.”

He added, “We liked to keep up with the events we are going through on the street, and we also preferred to hold the stick in the middle by presenting a lyrical work in which the spirit of Abu Al-Leef is also part of the lyrical festivals spread in the Egyptian and Arab streets.”



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