Ethiopia denies launching attacks on the Sudanese army, and the Netherlands announces the discovery of cases of the Omicron mutant


The French judiciary has charged a French company with “complicity in acts of torture and enforced disappearance” that is accused of selling surveillance equipment to the Egyptian authorities, enabling Cairo to track down Egyptian dissidents, Agence France-Presse said.

Human rights organizations had filed a complaint with the French judiciary against the French company “Nexa Technology” after publishing press reports about the company’s sale of a ten-million-euro listening system to the Egyptian government in 2014, which used it to target members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Called Cerebro, this program makes it possible to track electronic communications of a target in real time, for example from an email address or a phone number.

Non-governmental organizations accused this program of serving the “wave of repression against the opponents of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,” which, according to the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, resulted in “more than 40,000 political detainees in Egypt.”

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