Facts about the life of Inshirah Moussa, the spy of the setback in Egypt


Search engines in Egypt issue the name of Inshirah Moussa, the recently deceased Egyptian spy who worked for Israel during the 1967 war. What are the most prominent stations of her espionage life?

Moussa died a few days ago at the age of 87 in Tel Aviv, Israel, after her long suffering with depression that took her life.

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The death of Inshirah Moussa, the spy who worked for Israel in Egypt during the 1967 war

She was born in 1937 in Minya, Egypt, to a well-off family, and obtained a middle school certificate in 1951.

After passing the preparatory stage with distinction, her father took her to attend a relative’s wedding, to get to know a young man from the city of Arish, Ibrahim Saeed Shaheen. to live with him in El-Arish.

At the time, Shaheen was working as an accountant in the office of the Directorate of Labor in Arish, and at the beginning of his life he desperately wanted to earn money in various ways, whether legal or illegal, until he was arrested for a crime of bribery and imprisoned for 3 months, after which he went out to discover the harsh conditions he was going through. .

In June 1967, Israel occupied Sinai at that time, and in this climate, the Israeli intelligence was working hard to hunt agents, due to the difficult living pressures and the conditions of the occupation, and indeed it succeeded in attracting him, and the Mossad officer who attracted him waved to him with temptations he had never dreamed of, in return for drowning him. With money and securing his life and his family in Al-Arish, Shaheen agreed to cooperate with the Israelis in collecting information about Egypt, and received – as a down payment – a thousand dollars at a time when he did not have the price of a pack of cigarettes.

Shaheen returned to Beersheba in the Sinai, and since that time he officially turned into a spy for Israel, and when he returned to his home with many gifts for his wife and children, Musa was happy and asked him about the money and where he brought it from. She hugged her husband tightly, and said to him, “They were going to catch him sooner or later.” Her mouth widened and her eyebrows rose in denunciation and astonishment, and she replied, “It is impossible that someone else would have reported him and taken the $1,000. You did nothing but the right thing.”

For the sake of dollars, Moussa helped her husband spy on her country, forcing her to have sex with one of the Mossad men, but her dream did not last long, and on August 24, 1974 she returned to Cairo International Airport from Rome, and when she entered her home, the Egyptian intelligence men were waiting for her after she They reached her husband by trying to send his first telegrams to his superiors in Israel.

And the Egyptian intelligence succeeded in capturing the vibrations through a Soviet invention at the time, and when she returned to her home, she found the intelligence men waiting for her. The Israeli radio hosted a woman named “Dina Ben David”. The woman stated that she is proud of what she has done for Israel and the Israeli people, but it turned out later that this woman is Anshirah Musa.

And in 1989, the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth published a story about Moses and her children, stressing that she “now resides with two of her sons, Muhammad and Adel, in central Israel, after she changed their names to Haim and Rafi, but her eldest son, Nabil, chose the name Yoshi.”

She added, “Moses works in a women’s toilet in Haifa, but she desperately wants to return to work as a spy for Israel in Egypt, and her son Haim works as a night watchman in a factory, but the eldest son could not bear life in Israel and he and his Jewish wife immigrated to Canada, where he and his wife work. There is a laundry and cleaning shop there.

On November 25, 1974, a sentence was issued in Egypt to execute Moussa by hanging, and 5 years imprisonment for her eldest son, Nabil, and the custody of her two sons, Mohamed and Adel, to the Juvenile Court.

According to what was published by the Israeli newspaper Hadashot, on November 26, 1989, pressure was exerted on the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to postpone her execution by order of him, and then he issued a presidential pardon for her, and she was able (in a deal whose details were not announced) to enter Israel with its 3 children again, and all of them obtained Israeli citizenship and converted to Judaism, and they changed their names from Shaheen to (Ben David), from Inshirah to (Dina bin David), from Adel to (Ravi), from Nabil to (Yossi), and from Muhammad to Haim.

Source: “Cairo 24”

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