Faten Moussa in a touching message to Mustafa Fahmy: Do you accept it for your daughter? .. I broke my back


The Lebanese media, Faten Moussa, issued a comprehensive clarification to answer the inquiries she has received since her divorce from the star was announced Mustafa Fahmy In absentia, she explained the reason for leaving their joint photos through her Instagram account, and the details of the last days between them before she traveled to Lebanon to attend her sister’s engagement party, and she sent her ex-wife a touching message about treachery, stressing that his behavior broke her back and that he had not yet tried to communicate with her.
Mustafa FahmyAnd Faten Moussa wrote through her account on the Instagram website: To all the brothers, lovers, friends, acquaintances and the media, first of all, I thank everyone who contacted me, wrote to me, sympathized with me and called me in the unseen.

And she continued: I thanked God, the source of my strength and my certainty that He, the Almighty, is absolutely just, mighty, and redresser of thoughts, a champion of truth, strong over all who are strong, and if God helps you, no one can overcome you.

She added: I have read most of your comments and messages, the vast majority, of which tighten my grip and pray for me, and some of them demand that I sell those who sold me and avenge my dignity and go into the delusion of those who were my husband and my tenure for years… and to reveal what was hidden and to avenge treachery and betrayal.

She continued, saying: Ten, stabbing in the heart and back, exploiting the circumstance, and the treacherous absentee divorce that I was subjected to while I was on a visit to my country and my family with the aim of celebrating my sister’s engagement.

And she continued: I appreciate all your views with their diversity, and I say that if God loves a slave, He afflicts him.

She added: In light of what Mustafa Fahmy committed against me, I reiterate that I did not know, did not notify, did not inform, did not understand, and did not agree on the divorce.

Mustafa Fahmy
Mustafa Fahmy and Faten Musa – Photo from her Instagram account

Faten continued her explanation by saying: Mustafa and I went on October 12 to the Lebanese embassy building in Zamalek in Cairo to document our marriage in my country, Lebanon, which Mustafa delayed documenting throughout the years of our marriage. He delayed all that time in documenting our marriage in the Lebanese official departments, and he thankfully completed the transaction of marriage documentation for us.

She added: This happened on the same day when my brother Anwar arrived at our house in Cairo from Beirut, after we made reservations and tickets for our travels to Lebanon. Mustafa and I accompanied my brother to return together to Beirut to participate with the family in the celebration of my sister Monas engagement, and Mustafa and I had communicated With family and friends to complete our travel program to Lebanon and to meet loved ones and friends there.

And she continued: During this period, pictures of the three of us were published during my brother’s visit to us and we strolled together in Cairo, and until my brother and I traveled after Mustafas apology at the last moment, our relationship did not have a flaw that calls for a reason or a fundamental disagreement that leads to a divorce in absentia on the social media through his lawyer, Sana Fortunately, while I am in Beirut, I celebrate an occasion very dear to my heart and myself.

She added: He broke my back and betrayed me and my family, who persisted in congratulating her and blessing her with great love and affection, Hebrew and through my father, brother and family, as well as my sister, who sent her a blessed, loving, happy and happy congratulations to her, apologizing for having to apologize for not coming, unfortunately, forced, to put us all in a shocking, harsh and difficult situation. Heavy on the heart and feeling of any father, mother and family from whom he has seen nothing but love, welcome, absolute confidence in his person in his worth, stature and ability, great respect, full appreciation and love from the moment I became a member of our family, he has let them all down and put my family in an unenviable position.

She continued: As he and all the relatives and friends call day and night to open their words, congratulations to Mona, and our hearts are with you on your affliction, Faten.. Will he accept her for his daughter?? He is a father.

She said: I am in Cairo, Egypt now, which I felt and prepared as my second home from the moment I married her son, Mustafa Fahmy, and I lived there for years and will continue.

She said: I am attaching a picture of his congratulations to my sister Mona and I republish pictures from my brother’s visit to us before we traveled to Beirut, and a picture from the Lebanese embassy in Zamalek on the day we completed the transaction documenting our marriage in the official departments in Lebanon.

Faten Moussa concluded her statement by saying: Yes, we have to face the shocks and reconsider confidence when we are experiencing a crisis of trust with those who were the closest, back and deed, and take advantage of it to start over.

Mustafa Fahmy
Mustafa Fahmy and Faten Moussa – Photo from her Instagram account

The artist, Mustafa Fahmy, had previously issued an official statement to clarify the truth of the accusations leveled against him by his ex-wife, Faten Moussa, especially with regard to her divorce in absentia and without her knowledge, and refusal to hand over her own movables and her legitimate rights, pointing out that some are good at representing the role of the victim contrary to the truth, and that he does not Still refusing to mention the reasons for divorce unless he had to.

The statement was issued by Mostafa Fahmy’s lawyer’s office, and began with hints under the slogan “a culture of respect when difference. Distancing without insult.”

The statement continued: How easy is insult and accusation, and what is more difficult for a person to preserve their history and image for others, even after what happens between them, which makes them make sure that they will not continue to be companions in the path.

He continued: The people in this group are of two types, some of them like to show themselves as a victim, and this is often the opposite of the truth!!!!!!!! And some of them follow the difficult path and cling to preserving the name, dignity and reputation of the other with whom they differ, no matter what the cost may be.

Going into the details, the statement said: And in reference to the statements of Mrs. Faten Moussa, the divorced artist, Mustafa Fahmy, we inform you of the following that the artist, Mustafa Fahmy, divorced Mrs. /6.

He added that Ms. Faten’s announcement of the divorce was officially announced, in addition to the announcement that was made through social networking sites and confirmed by the artist’s agent.

He continued: The artist, Mostafa Fahmy, never objected to handing over to his divorced woman all her legal and legal rights, whether the dowry was delayed, which is a very large amount, as well as the car gifted by him to her and all her belongings upon her arrival in Cairo, or specifying an agent for her to receive all her dues.

The statement concluded by saying: The artist, Mustafa Fahmy, does not want to delve into the reasons for divorce, considering that it is a personal matter that concerns both parties only, unless he is forced to do so.

Faten Moussa had previously lied about what was circulated about the divorce between her and artist Mustafa Fahmy, in agreement and with full respect, and the Lebanese media announced that her divorce took place in absentia and without her knowledge, and that she did not obtain her legal rights, not even her personal purposes, and learned of the divorce news from his lawyer in Egypt.

And Faten Moussa wrote, through her accounts on social media, a shocking explanation, in which she said: The media / Faten Moussa confirmed that she received the news of her divorce in absentia from her husband, artist / Mostafa Fahmy, through lawyer Sana Lahzi yesterday evening, after evasion, and thus I learned of the absentee divorce from her and from the social media, and was surprised by the news. Just like all the public and the media arena.

The media, Faten Moussa, added that she traveled to her country, Lebanon, to attend her sister Monas engagement party, who shared with their fans and fans videos and photos from the ceremony that took place in Beirut. They completed the reservation of airline tickets and all travel arrangements, but he apologized at the last minute after the security events that took place in the capital Beirut recently, especially since it was related to working conditions and he feared the escalation of the security situation in Beirut.

Faten continued her speech: The media, Faten Moussa, denied that there were no differences or problems between us, stressing that she received the news of her divorce from his lawyer and the social media and without referring to her, informing her, notifying her or agreeing with her on a divorce or any detail related to divorce or her rights, as well as without giving her A period of time to obtain her things, needs, rights and entitlements, and without knowing that she will travel to attend her sister’s engagement party, to be shocked by this news, adding that she has not been officially notified of the divorce until this moment, after a marriage that lasted between them for about six years.

She concluded her clarification by saying: The Lebanese media, Faten Moussa, confirms that the statement and the news circulating since yesterday evening regarding the divorce took place in complete calm between the two parties! It is absolutely false and completely untrue, as she was not aware of her divorce, which took place in absentia, except through his lawyer and the social media only, as previously mentioned, stressing that her husband, artist Mustafa Fahmy, did not inform her of the divorce and did not agree with her on anything and that he does not respond to her calls via his mobile phone. Personal until the moment to clarify the matter.

After that, Faten Moussa was exposed to a new shock, as she revealed that Fahmy used her phone line to be registered in his name in Egypt, and he cut off the service from her, to prevent her from communicating with any party in Egypt, noting that she is still present in Lebanon.

And Faten Moussa wrote through her official account on the Instagram website: I was surprised now, while I am still in Beirut, that Mustafa Fahmy stopped my personal mobile number that he used, and through it I communicate with everyone from the Vodafone office in Hurghada.

Faten Moussa added: Especially in light of the shock that I received from him while I was in Lebanon, which forced me to communicate internationally and locally; This is because my personal phone number is in his name since I acquired it when we got married.

Faten Moussa concluded: He did it with intent and purpose, with the intention of doubling the pressure on me and cutting me off from everyone.

Faten sent a message to all her friends and fans not to communicate with her in any way on the old number, and she said: I ask everyone not to contact my Egyptian number by phone, through the WhatsApp application, or otherwise, until a new number is sent.

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