“FIFA” applies a new technology to control cases of infiltration in the 2021 Arab Cup




The British newspaper “The Times” reported that the International Football Association will test a new technology to control infiltration during the 2021 Arab Cup, which begins next Tuesday in Qatar.

The Qatari newspaper, “Al-Sharq”, quoted “The Times”, that FIFA will test the “new automatic infiltration technology” in the 2021 Arab Cup, in a preliminary test before the 2022 World Cup, as the new technology depends on the artificial intelligence system “AI”. It sends an instant message to the VAR referee when the player is offside, leaving the mouse to decide whether the player is offside or at the moment of the ball pass.

According to Al Jazeera Net, the new technology was implemented by the Hawk-eye company, which believes that it has created a system ready for direct use, and the new intrusion system is expected to provide speed in the decision-making process, and is said to provide higher accuracy.

The camera and computer technology tracks the players movements as well as the ball, and leaves the decision to artificial intelligence to determine cases of infiltration, and this technology will be used in all six stadiums used in the Arab Cup, which will be held from November 30 to December 18, before its possible use in the finals. 2022 World Cup in Qatar next year.

It comes after several behind-closed-doors trials that took place at the Etihad Stadium in England and the Allianz Arena in Germany.

The new technology is classified as semi-automated only, as the signal will be sent to the “VAR” room and not to the arena referee, and if the experiment is successful during the Arab Cup 2021, it is likely that the proposal to use the technology in the general World Cup will be officially approved.” Qatar 2022″, as part of the annual meeting of the International Football Association Board “IFAB” in March 2022.

Source: agencies


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