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Mortada Mansour’s first conference ended after his return to the presidency of the Zamalek club.

Mortada Mansour talked about many things inside the club, led by Mustafa Mohamed’s contract, Ashraf Bencharqi’s renewal, and the relationship with Carteron.

We review together everything Mortada Mansour said at the conference

Patrice Carteron

– There will be a general coach and an assistant coach, and it was agreed with Carteron on that. A number of names will be presented to him to choose who he wants from them to be in the assisting apparatus.

– I do not have a crisis with Carteron, Amir Mortada held a session with him yesterday, and the coach expressed his good intentions to continue, and we welcome his continuation.

Mustafa Mohammed

All decisions taken by the committees are illegal, FIFA does not recognize the committees’ decision

– The previous contract for Galatasaray will not be approved by the International Federation because the person who signed it is not a member of the Board of Directors

– A clause was placed in his purchase contract for 4 million dollars, it is illogical to sell Mustafa Mohamed with such a small number, as he is in the stage of Mohamed Salah’s brilliance and is worth 20 million euros

– The previous committees are all involved in conducting business. An offer to Mustafa Mohamed was rejected for nearly 9 million euros, but I was surprised to loan him for only 2 million dollars.

Is it possible that there is a resale clause in Mohamed Sobhi’s contract with Farco for 20 million?

Ashraf bin Sharqi

In response to a question about the possibility of accepting impossible conditions from Bencharki for renewal, he said: “No, I am asking this question.”

We will ask him if he signed for another club or not. If he signed, we will hold an honoring party for him, and if he does not, the matter will end up renewing his contract.

A session will be held with Ashraf Bencharki after the match between Zamalek and Ceramica Cleopatra.

Club issues

Positive action will be taken regarding lifting the ban on Shikabala soon

– A judgment was made that Gross lost his complaint in the first degree, however, the complaint was renewed.

Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s case was settled for Zamalek and his complaint was rejected. I don’t know how some imagined that he would obtain a ruling against the club.

– The committees did not follow up on the issues related to the club and therefore did not get his dues in the Kahraba and Al-Shennawy case. Achimbong made it clear in recorded records that he had ended all his financial affairs with the club (presented in the video conference), but unfortunately the failure to manage matters seriously was the reason for this, with some trying to incite the players to renew their complaint.

Elections and club decisions

I extend my hand to everyone and to the Al-Ahly board of directors. Blind fanaticism has increased in the Egyptian time. I want to turn a new page with everyone in order not to stir up discord.

– There will be a system in the junior sector during the coming period, and bribery or anything else will not be allowed. Ismail Youssef and Hamada Anwar commissioned us to prepare a file in this matter, the player’s talent will only be the decisive

– Ahmed Mortada will be in charge of the Zamalek branch on the sixth of October, and the new stadium will appear within two years

No lapses will be allowed again so that discipline will return to the first team again

I will not talk about the past, for the truth has returned to its owner. I will talk about the present and the future.

– Previous committees, some of them worked hard and worked as much as they could, but there were some stalkers around them, and some of them settled accounts.

The Board of Directors held its meeting yesterday to discuss some matters related to the club.

Whoever wants to run, let him run, and the General Assembly is conscious of choosing the fittest.

The fans of the Zamalek club are great and brave, the fans of the Zamalek club are great and beautiful, in the neck of the club and my neck personally.

The Zamalek club elections will be held on January 20, 21 and 22, 2022.

The date for opening the nomination process for the Zamalek elections will be announced on November 30.

– I will never be a thorn against my country, Egypt. I could have filed a complaint against the decision to freeze the council, because it is considered interference in sports affairs, but I always love Egypt.

I like to watch my country’s national team and enjoy Mohamed Salah, Tarek Hamed and the Egyptian football stars.

– Some media outlets published false reports and claimed that the council will renew Laban Sharqi and Ferjani Sassi will return and I will end the suspension of registration. This is nonsense, I didn’t get enough time to solve this.

Those who have the right to freeze the board of directors according to the regulations and laws are the general assembly and the board of directors.

Preserving the entity of Zamalek is always my desire, as evidenced by what I did by relinquishing the case against the Zamalek elections in 2010 and gave up in order to preserve the stability of Zamalek.

What happened in Zamalek did not happen in any other club. Unfortunately, the sons of Zamalek are the ones who shake the stability of Zamalek at times. No club in the world has happened what happened to Zamalek.


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