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A source from the Moroccan Federation revealed that Raja has agreed to play the African Super match against Al-Ahly on December 24th.

The source told “Please agree to play the match on that date, and we have sent our consent and Rajas consent to that.”

He explained, “But the approval included a request from Raja that it be allowed to register players who are not registered in Africa, especially as it comes a few days before the opening of the second period of registration.”

“After the speech, we got good indications from CAF in this file, if the match is held on this date,” he stressed.

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Al-Ahly, the champions of the African Champions League, will face the Moroccan Raja, the champion of the African Confederation, for the African Super Cup.

Earlier, learned that CAF had suggested that the Super would be held on December 24.

Kaf addressed both the Egyptian and Moroccan federations to determine their respective positions on the proposed date, especially with the league table matches for each of the two teams.

The Executive Office is awaiting the response of the Egyptian and Moroccan federations at tomorrow’s meeting, and if they agree, December 24 will be set as the date for the African Super Cup.

In the event that the proposed date from CAF is rejected, the African Super will be postponed to one of the months of February and March, according to the schedule of the Club World Cup, in which Al-Ahly participates.


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