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Mahmoud Al-Khatib – Hossam Ashour – Walid Suleiman – Al-Ahly

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly club, opened a lot of football files, and responded to the possibility of the return of the former captain, Hossam Ashour, in addition to reports of crises with Pitso Musimani, the team’s coach.

Al-Khatib said on Ontime Sports: “I am very satisfied with the football team with the equation of numbers, but Al-Ahly’s ambition is greater than that, and the matter needs to double work and determination. What has been achieved has been achieved and the most important is what is to come. All teams face Al-Ahly differently, so we have to double focus and work to remain In the foreground”.

He explained, “I see that Musimani is doing well, making achievements and giving a good level, and I find an attack on him. There is a mention of the bad and there is no mention of the good deeds or praise.”

He stressed, “It did not happen that there was a dispute between Al-Ahly and Musimani. All that Musimani said was that he wanted to feel stability, but he did not ask for any increase in his salary.”

He revealed, “We postponed the idea of ​​renewing Musimani because of the elections. Musimani wants to continue in Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly’s desire as well. We raised the value of the penalty clause from 3 months to 6 months because he wanted to feel more stability. We talk about these matters after the elections.”

He added, “Mosimani told us that he admires the mentality of Sami Kommas, so he preferred not to rely on his assistant, Kevin Johnson, and these are his choices and his freedom in them, and the same applies to changing the performance analyst.”

And he added, “We offered the idea of ​​adding an assistant with Sami Kommas, without specifying names, but Musimani had no desire for that.”

He stressed, “Sami Komsan is the right person at this time. He knows the role of the general coach and does not go beyond him. Musimani gives him a good space.”

He continued, “There is a discussion in the deals with Mosimane. Percy Tau is a great player, but I was worried about him coming from the English Premier League. The nature of his personality allowed him to integrate quickly and the players loved him very much and he loved the players very much, and the same for Michisoni.”

He revealed, “We spoke with Mosimane to keep Ahmed Yasser Rayan, but he preferred to leave to get a chance. He wanted to play, and with our inability to give him this, why not give him a chance elsewhere.”

Al-Khatib moved to talk about team player Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, “Kahraba,” to say: The coach believes that there is an appropriate combination at this time, but this does not mean that Kahraba is a bad player. Kahraba has really changed, is training hard, and no one can talk about whether or not to play with Mosimane.”

He stressed, “In the recent period, Kahraba is very committed. Perhaps there came a period when he did not know Al-Ahly well, but the matter has changed now.”

Hossam Ashour and Ramadan Sobhi and the punishment of the super

Al-Khatib moved to talk about the former players of the team, Hossam Ashour and Ramadan Sobhi, in addition to canceling the penalty imposed on the team after the loss of the Egyptian Super in front of the Vanguards of the Army.

Al-Khatib said, “The last 10 matches last season with the Super match, there was a vibration in the performance, so there must be a shock to the penalty that was signed after the Super match. The results appeared in the ENPPI match in the cup and the beginning of the league, so the penalty was canceled after the message arrived. The same It happened after the Sundowns game and the loss by five, in the presence of Martin Lasarte, with a 10% discount on the players contracts.”

He continued, “I was saddened by Ramadan Sobhi? I was saddened by him. Al-Ahly club does not stand on anyone, and after God’s success, Al-Ahly is the one who makes the stars. Al-Ahly does not grieve for the departure of anyone, who grieves is the one who leaves Al-Ahly.”

In response to the possibility of Hossam Ashour returning to the club in the future, Al-Khatib said: “Whoever errs against Al-Ahly, I cannot accept him, because Al-Ahly is more important than me and I have to preserve that system.”

He revealed, “I was very sad about the league’s loss. I went to the players on the field because in some matches the performance was not good, but they made great achievements, and they are the most uncomfortable team in Egypt. There was physical, mental and psychological fatigue, there was a state of failure and other things I do not want to talk about.” I appreciate the arbitration very much, and the referee must get his due, and they must receive a very strong return in the framework of the professional league system.”

Fyler and Mosimane

Al-Khatib also spoke about the scenes of the departure of former coach Rene Fyler, and the recruitment of Mosimane in his place, to say: “Feiler is a very good coach, but he left for a family problem. After the outbreak of the Corona virus, his stability was no longer as it was, and I spoke with him, and his family asked him not to move away more than 300 km from his home. It became difficult, with the presence of Corona, to keep his family away, so we spoke with him and resolved the matter with his departure and prepared the alternative. There is no personal contact with Fyler, but human communication, and he congratulates us after every victory.

He stressed, “I told Feiler before his last trip – which I refused – that we must renew by a certain date, and if that does not happen, we must end the association. I was worried because we were approaching the decisive stages of the African Champions League. This prompted us to think differently. I did not ask him to write a pledge Returning to Al-Ahly.

He stressed, “The name Musimani was proposed by Mohsen Saleh and Zakaria Nassef in the planning committee. Aruabarina was the closest name to Feiler’s succession, but we needed a name more experienced in Africa and knows the three teams competing for us in the African Champions League. Among the nominated names was Musimani, and when I saw the biography I saw the achievements And respectable championships and he has the ability to handle the championship. The planning committee immediately approved the idea.”

And he added, “Before the Sundowns match in the return, we met Musimani on the plane, and I felt from his speech that he loves Al-Ahly, and I said to Feiler jokingly (be aware of this man). At the moment his name was presented as an alternative to Feiler, I remembered that conversation.”

In another context, Al-Khatib said: “The feelings that I saw from our children (players) in a moment of pride in achieving a great championship, the tenth African Champions League, made me very, very happy, that they think of others, and this is the greatness of Al-Ahly club.”

Commenting on Moamen Zakaria’s message, Al-Khatib said: “A tremendous player and a beautiful personality, I thank him very much for his message, even when I entered the hospital he sent me a message. In light of the ordeal in which he was looking at the adversities of others, and the communication between us is complete. Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab’s mother is also a believer Zakaria and his family in the heart of Al-Ahly Club and in all of our hearts, and we cannot abandon him, and I feel that his illness is a choice of God Almighty.”


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