FilGoal | News | Amer Hussein reveals the position of the Al-Ahly and Future match on the postponement due to the African Super


Amer Hussein, a member of the Clubs Association and head of the Competitions Committee, clarified the position of the Al-Ahly and Future match in the Egyptian League, in light of setting an initial date for the African Super Cup match.

The date for the African Super Cup is tentatively set for December 24, between Al-Ahly, champions of the Champions League, and Moroccan Raja, the champion of the African Confederation.

Amer Hussein said: “I have not received any official letter from Kaf about the date of the African Super match, and as far as I know, Al-Ahly or Moroccan Raja has not received any official letter.”

He added, via On Time Sports 2: “If the African Super is held on December 24, I will study the matter of postponing the Al-Ahly match against Future, which is scheduled for the 21st.”

He continued, “The match between Enppi and Pyramids has not yet been determined, and I will put it with the new schedule, because Enppi has players in the Egyptian team in the Arab Cup.”

And he added, “The match between Al-Masry and Egypt for clearing was scheduled for December 13, because both teams do not include any player in the list of Egypt’s national team in the Arab Cup.”

And he concluded, in response to a question when the league will end, he answered: “At the end of August, there is no other solution, and the pressure is all in July, and the pressure will be greater on the clubs that play in the Champions League and Confederation Cup.”


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