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Adel Selimi, the former Tunisian star and assistant coach in the team’s current technical staff, explained the reason for not paying Ali Maaloul from the beginning against Mauritania on Tuesday.

He praised Seif El-Din Jaziri, who scored two goals against Mauritania and won the player of the match award.

Al-Ahly defender Maaloul participated as a substitute in a match that Tunisia won 5-1 in the opening of the Arab Cup in Qatar 2021.

Al-Sulaimi said“Maaloul is not 100% ready, so he did not start. He did not train a lot, so he participated for a short time. We rule out his participation in the next match against Syria, an important player that we want to preserve for the remainder of the tournament.”

He continued, “I am happy with Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri’s performance after he was subjected to a lot of pressure during the last period with Zamalek. He is one of the best strikers, he needs to be more liberated and play without pressure. Zamalek is a big club with overwhelming popularity. The pressures in Egypt are different.”

Tunisia grabbed the first 3 points in the tournament with a broad victory over Mauritania.

The Carthage Eagles used the Egyptian Premier League quartet, Maaloul, Al Jaziri, Hamza Mathlouthi and Fakhr El Din Ben Youssef, in the Arab Championship list.

Tunisia plays on Friday against Syria.

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