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Ali Mabkhout leads the attack of the UAE national team in the first round of the Arab Cup for Group B against Syria.

Syria will be absent from the tournament, Omar Al-Soma and Omar Kharbin for various reasons, and Ward Al-Salama and Mahmoud Al-Bahr are leading the Qasioun Nisour Qasioun attack.

The formation of the Emirates came:

Goalkeeper: Ali Khaseef

Defense: Muhammad Al-Attas – Walid Abbas – Mahmoud Khamis – Bandar Al-Ahbabi

Middle: Ali Salmin – Abdullah Ramadan

In front of them: Tahnoun Al Zaabi – Ali Saleh – Cayo Canedo

Attack: Ali Mabkhout

Here is the formation of Syria:

Goalkeeper: Ibrahim Alama

Defense: Youssef Muhammad – Thaer Karuma – Zia al-Haq Muhammad – Muayyad al-Khouli

Middle: Oliver Kasko – Mohamed Al-Anz – Amr Janyat – Mohamed Othman

Attack: Ward Al-Salama – Mahmoud Al-Bahr

Tunisia started the group matches with a big victory over Mauritania by five to one.


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