FilGoal | News | Etoo: Messi is the best and deserves to win everything.. and this is my opinion on the return of Xavi and Alves to Barcelona


Samuel Etoo, a former Barcelona and Cameroon player, believes that Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or for the seventh time.

Etoo gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper AS, in which he talked about Messi and Benzema and his opinion on the return of Xavi and Dani Alves to Barcelona.

The interview came as follows

“Football is opinions, and I remember in 2010 many people thought that others would win the Ballon d’Or, but for us it was fair that Messi won it because he is the best player in the world, and when you are the best you have to win every day, and it is an honor for me to be his friend “.

“Some people will say that I am not objective, but Messi deserves everything beautiful in this world, so I am happy for him because of what he has contributed and will contribute to. Now he has won the seventh and I hope the eighth will come.”

“I congratulated him yesterday but it was a private conversation and I will keep it for myself.”

“Benzema and Lewandowski of course deserved to win it, Mbappe, Kante and Jorginho also deserved to win it, but this is football, many of us think about what will happen in the Ballon d’Or but in the end there are people who choose and we must respect their choices, they have their opinions like me, which is that Messi is the best and he has to win it.”

“Benzema exploded in good timing and is at the end of Messi’s career, Ronaldo is the best in football and Mbappe is on his way to reach, I hope he will be the best in the next 10 or 15 years, he has everything to be the unique player that football needs after these two monsters.”

“Vinicius Junior? Everyone tells me about him why? And Benzema? Karim is above everyone else, there are things I don’t understand in football because he is the captain in Real Madrid. Vinicius is a good player and he will be important in football but you have to give the best to the best Benzema, everyone was asking between Benzema and Ronaldo, Ronaldo is gone, Benzema remains, and Real Madrid is still winning because he is there.”

“Vinicius is unbelievable, he is a very good player and it is clear that if he continues to play like this, he will reach the level of the best players.”

“Xavi? I wish him all the best in the world, Barcelona is going through a certain situation, and I think that the best person to raise this situation is Xavi. There is a factor of luck present and I hope that Barcelona will accompany success again, and if Xavi does not do that, no one will be able to do it.”

“The return of Alves? If Laporta wanted me, let him take the risks. Alves never had to leave Barcelona. Barcelona is his place and it is natural for him to return.”

“I know Coutinhos quality well. He played alongside me at Inter Milan. If he feels he is enjoying, he makes everyone so, and of course with Xavi he has more chances.”

“Neymar? He remains one of the best players in the world. If we were given the opportunity to choose three players in that world, many would choose Neymar. It’s not that he can be one of the best players in the world because he is.”


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