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Abdul Rahman Faisal with Al-Ahly in front of Zamalek – handball

Al-Ahly rose to the top of the handball professional league, at the end of the 15th round matches. It shows you the standings after the end of the 15th round of the first stage of the Pro Handball League.

First, here are the results of the 15th round of the Egyptian Handball Professional League:

Al-Ahly rose to the top after defeating Sporting, and Al-Ahly raised its score to 40 points from 14 matches.

Sporting’s first loss of the season caused the team to drop to third place with

Zamalek remained third after defeating Talaa El-Gaish, with 39 points.

And the balance of the army’s vanguards became 36 points in fourth place.

According to the regulations of the Egyptian Federation: the winner gets 3 points, and in the event of a tie, each team gets two points, while the loser gets one point.

The first stage of the competition begins with the participation of 18 teams, before they are divided in the second stage into three groups, before reaching the final stage for the best 4 teams to compete for the title.

The stages were divided as follows:

– The first phase, in which 18 teams participate in one group, with a league system of one role, and each team plays 17 matches, to which are added results related to 2002 and 2004.

The teams are ranked after adding the nominal points from the related league, as the first 2002 and 2004 league gets 9 points, the second 8.5, the third 8, and so on until the eighteenth place holder.

The second stage: The teams are divided into three groups, the first of which includes the first six teams to compete for qualification to the last stage.

While the second group includes the owners of the individual rankings from the seventh to the seventeenth, and the third group includes the owners of the doubles rankings from the eighth to the eighteenth.

After the end of the second stage, the legal points of the linked league are added, and the first-placed team gets 3 points, the second one gets 2.5, and so on.

The third and final stage The first 4 clubs to play two combined rounds to determine the league champion, with each team playing six matches.

Thus, it is expected that we will witness five summit meetings between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, as the two teams meet in the first stage with a match, then two matches in the second, and finally two matches in the decisive stage.

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