FilGoal | News | Klopp’s conference: Salah is a natural leader… Firminos injury is strong


Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp revealed the position of his injured players before facing West Ham United, led by the Brazilian Roberto Firmino, the Reds striker.

Klopp said in the press conference before facing West Ham United: “I don’t see us as the weakest side in the league race. We want to play it for sure, but whatever role I don’t care. We have to be around the top of the table with our current quality, and we don’t have to talk about the quality of Manchester City or Chelsea”.

“The league includes many strong teams such as West Ham, Brighton and Arsenal. Manchester United are strong and Leicester too, so there is no match that we can rest in. We must always be at our best level, it is definitely the best league in the world and it is fun to compete in it.”

On the injury of striker Roberto Firmino, Klopp said: “The loss of Bobby Firmino is a blow to us. We knew two days ago that it was a strong injury and it would require a few weeks, more than 4 weeks in particular. I will consider it a strong injury, then we have to see later, Bobby is recovering quickly.”

As for the injuries Curtis Jones and Joe Gomez, the German explained, “Curtis will return after the international break, I am sure of that, he is not authorized to train yet, but he will return. As for Joe Gomez, I hope he returns after the hiatus.”

As for the two midfielders, James Milner and Naby Keita, Klopp believed that they would return after the hiatus as well, but he was not able to confirm this, as it depends on their fitness.

On the possibility of Costas Tsimekas taking Andrew Robertson’s seat as a left-back, Klopp said: “Tsimikas is getting close and that’s why he’s on the bench and not only in the list. He can push Andy Robertson but Robertson for me is the best left-back in the world, but it’s good to have an option to give Robbo the comfort in Some times”.

As for West Ham coach David Moyes reaching his 1,000th game, he continued, “He keeps improving and getting better every time, so I can beans. I don’t know if he’s reinvented himself, but what he’s doing is amazing. Everyone who watches West Ham knows now that they are a strong team. “.

On captain Jordan Henderson, he said: “The identity of the captain was the last of my problems when I came here, as I already had one. Everyone was convinced that Henderson was the right choice. I learned things about him as the days went by, and now 6 years later I see him as the perfect choice.”

He explained, “He is a real leader and an example to follow as a footballer. Milner has an important voice in the team, Virgil (Van Dijk) has also developed with that, as well as Trent (Alexander Arnold) and Robow. Alisson is very calm. Mo (Mohamed Salah) is a natural leader too, So we have a very strong group here.”

It is noteworthy that Liverpool is second in the English Premier League with 22 points, 3 points behind leaders Chelsea, while West Ham is fourth with 20 points.


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