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Let’s play a quick game, here is a carefully selected sample of the speech of Ralf Rankick, the man who will take over Manchester United temporarily until the end of the season in the coming hours.

“Look at Liverpool and its development recently, it has 3 attackers of different nationalities, Salah, Firmino and Mane. When the trio arrived in Liverpool, there was no natural retriever of the ball among them, no one looked at them and said they were pressure machines.”

“Everything that happened in Liverpool was the work of the coach and his staff, starting with the way they played in recent years with this high level, this shows you what can happen if there is a mentality and clear ideas about the way his team plays.”

Another thing was similar to our team in Leipzig, suppose that Jurgen Klopp or Julian Nagelsmann or me, any of us, told his players at 12 midnight that we would meet on the training ground in an hour, we would have a quick meeting in the dressing room and then play twice for 15 minutes with 11 player against 11″.

“Even in this state of sleep they will play fast ball that depends on pressing and counterpressing and transitions, because it is in their hearts, minds and arteries. What does a coach do? To have a clear idea of ​​how the team should play, whether it is Pep Guardiola’s style or Diego Simeone or Hansi Flick, Nagelsmann or Klopp.

Now, here’s a very random sample of what former Red Devils coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said.

“The way we lose is what we don’t like. When you lose a game against a good team, you want to see a better Manchester United team than that. We are human beings, and when you lose a football match, there is no better feeling than winning a game.”

“We have to go meet (the next opponent) like a wounded animal. The short answer is that this match came at a good time for us.”

This is one of the latest samples, since you will not find in most of the Norwegian’s conversations except the identity of Manchester United, the DNA of Manchester United and the way Manchester United should play, the elasticity of these definitions is manifested according to the result..

If the team wins, you will hear them say that this is the Manchester United we love to see, but if they lose, this is not the Manchester United we want to see, questions like: What is the Manchester United we want to see? How can we see it? What did we not see? They are all logical and legitimate questions, but please keep them to yourself as he kept them in the past seasons, as the man, as usual, will not answer..

Let’s stop fooling around.. Solskjaer’s words came after the derby lost against Manchester City, and the (next opponent) is Watford, whose plan was to attack him like a wounded animal, before further wounding him. A quintet of title favorites Liverpool is one thing, and a quartet of a team grappling with relegation is quite another.

Between the heart and logic

You are my Solskjaer

My Ole Solskjaer

You make me happy, when skies are grey

From the first moment until the last in Solskjaer’s experience with United, the important thing was not the contract he signed with the management, but the contract he owned with the fans, and we have already seen his texts.. You are the man who “makes me happy when the skies are gray” like the song “Johnny Cash”, you are the hero of the eternal 1999 night, you are the golden substitute who whenever we need him he comes and scores and celebrates and we celebrate with him.

The man came at a time and what a timing, a popular popular star succeeding a coach who decided to stay in his job without actual work until he receives his penalty clause, he has differences with the management and the majority of the players and half of the population of Manchester and a third of the effects of the world, Jose Mourinho, everyone knows very well what the Portuguese does if he stumbled Beast in Iraq, how about this situation?

Of course Solskjaer received the conquerors before he played, the legend of the club takes over the leadership of the team after his predecessor, this man will not only enjoy the players’ natural uprising with any new coach, not even their double uprising to prove that the former coach was the problem, but above all with obvious respect from the sons of The promising club because he was a man they looked up to, and with the unconditional support of fans who loved him.

The only thing Solskjaer has that Moyes, Van Gaal or Mourinho does not have: the spirit of Manchester United. The teachings of years of working directly under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson, the man who made two-thirds of the club’s history and put it at the helm of the Premier League.

This lost spirit is the most appropriate thing to lead the team towards an uprising that changed the situation this season from failure to the least damage, provided that the new coach at the beginning of the next season has a solid ground on which to build after sincere thanks to the Norwegian hero who came from the big door and left it, adding a beautiful memory Another in the pages of his eternal relationship with Old Trafford fans..

damn the heart

And because some misinterpreted the fact that one of them failed to leave his hand in its normal position at the last moment, yes you, Kimpembe, and because others were overzealous and took out the first paper they found on his way and demanded the United management to obtain Solskjaer’s signature immediately and at any cost, and because the United management – as We’ve learned well in the last 8 years – you have no idea what you’re doing in football, temporary has turned permanent, and the Red Devils have wasted years building in a specific and clear direction, at the expense of an apparently unsuccessful attempt to reproduce Ferguson.

Some facts are undeniable. Solskjaer leaves today a better team than the one he received after he competed with him for some time – in a way – for the top of the Premier League before being swallowed up by Man City. Solskjaer came very close to several cups, but he did not put his hand on any of them in the end. The honor of the attempt was a success, but Solskjaer’s most important success with Manchester United is represented in the contractual boom at the level of names, raising the quality of the list and filling many of its shortcomings, but does this not tend to describe the manager’s job? athlete?

Yes, Manchester City has a supportive management and a distinguished sports director, but it owns Pep Guardiolas system, which began to be established in the summer of 2016. Liverpool does not have a management with the same financial strength as City, not even United, but it has a distinguished sports management and Jurgen Klopp system for which it has endured all the bad results Initially since the end of 2015, and all the stages of approaching and failure until the achievement of the Champions League 2019 and then the absent Premier League in 2020.

This is exactly what Manchester United wasted in 3 years with Solskjaer .. The quality of the list is rising, there are young people who are developing and imposing their names on the scene, but in nothing, the system is running and effort and spending the last drop of sweat for the slogan, the system is the traditions of Manchester United and its DNA, the system She did whatever Ferguson seemed to be doing without doing what Ferguson was really doing.

to square zero

Asserting whether anything is successful or not before it starts is of course madness, especially since we are talking about a temporary coach. The temporary coach’s task is always to come up with the best that can be done before everyone shakes hands and the trip ends here, but what we want to talk about now is post-success. Rankic or not.

We are talking about a man who is among the contributors to increasing the popularity of the region’s defense in the face of the man-to-man censorship that has prevailed since ancient times. A man with a hand in the form of jigen pressing, or rather the legacy with which Jurgen Klopp swept the English lands. A man who does not have great success as a coach, but he is the link between the names he drew from, such as Arrigo Sacchi, Zedink Zeman and Valeri Lobanovsky, and is credited with influencing the sweeping names on the scene now, such as Thomas Tuchel, Jurgen Klopp and Julian Nagelsmann.

His experience with the promising Leipzig project imposed his name on the coaches arena after years of his most successful experience with Schalke, but, paradoxically, the peak of Rankic’s name on the European scene came during a period in which he was not training in the first place .. the stage of his approach to Milan, or in other words: when The Rossoneri administration has faced the most famous crossroads of late.

Milan had a temporary coach – at the time – Stefano Pioli, at the same time he was negotiating Rankic to take over the task permanently, but after dozens of theses, hundreds of meetings and thousands of calls, the Corona virus hindered the process, and when football came back to life, Pioli was achieving a series of results The amazing..

Here the matter shifted from discussing the future project to a trade-off between it and the current success, and here the Milan administration decided that the risk may lead to regret, let it pass, let it go.. Thus, Pioli became Milan’s permanent coach in our current moment.

It cannot be said that Milan regrets its decision now. The team continues to move forward. In the end, the Rankic project was fraught with many risks, the first of which is obviously its applicability on the ground and the compatibility of the available mechanisms, and the matter now depends on the administration and Pioli himself in building on what has already been achieved, This is a question that will be answered this season and perhaps more seasons to come if the man continues to move forward..

Returning to Manchester, the red city stood at the same crossroads before Milan, between the temporary and the search for the project, betting on some temporary results and the euphoria of victory and a mixture of dreamy crowd cheers. We cannot now deny the presence of steps forward with Solskjaer, but the complete opposite, every step Bewley’s march forward was proving that he was the fittest for his position at the present time, but every step Solskjaer approached proved only the correctness of the first view, that he was temporary, long overdue.

The first thing that raises optimism about Rankic is that he is a man of order. A true footballing project man, which means that he will in no way use his time to establish, but what raises optimism about him more than that comes between the folds of his agreement with the Manchester United management, as the man does not show any greed to continue as a coach for the Red Devils, as he will move at the end of the season to A sports management consultant position with a two-year contract to continue overseeing the project, ironically, perhaps that should have happened with Solskjaer from the start, and perhaps United would not have had to waste so much time before starting from square zero.

Rancic’s continuation as part of the project is a guarantee of the existence of a real project this time from the original, and then a guarantee of its continuation.. All that remains now is to choose a permanent replacement, and time is always in the club’s interest now, you have the period from the beginning of December until the end of the season to find a carefully selected alternative that is keen On the continuation of this emerging structure that the “temporary” coach will work on paving.

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