FilGoal | News | The former Oman player for Fil Joule: Jill Hassan Shehata, have fun..and we will play a mini World Cup


Saeed Al-Shoun, the former Oman national team star, praised the generation of Egypt under the leadership of historical coach Hassan Shehata, stressing that he enjoyed watching it.

Saeed Al-Shoun spoke to about the Egyptian national team and the Arab Cup, and said: “The Arab Cup is a rehearsal for the World Cup, and it is an important tournament for all teams, and Arabs gather brothers from all continents.”

He continued, “The Omani team’s chances are equal with all teams, and it is located between a purely Gulf group, and I expect the rise of the Qatari and Omani teams. The Omani team played the Asian Championship with good results.”

Oman is in Group A alongside Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq.

He continued, “All the players of the Omani national team are important and complement each other, but I especially mention Salah Al Yahya and Al Mundhir Al Alawi.”

Regarding the World Cup qualifiers, he said, “The start was good after beating the Japanese team for the first time, and we presented good levels through the qualifiers and collected 7 points.”

He added, “All the remaining matches for the national team are important and there is no room for loss, especially the match against Australia, which revives our hopes for a third place to qualify for the Asian playoffs.”

The Oman national team scored seven points, four points ahead of Australia, third, four rounds before the end of the qualifiers, in a group that includes Saudi Arabia, Japan, China and Vietnam.

Regarding Egyptian football, he said, “I follow Egyptian football through Zamalek and Al-Ahly, which is rich in talented, skilled and interesting players, and the Egyptian team enjoyed me with Hassan Shehata and the generation with him.”

He concluded, “The Arab Cup is a mini World Cup, and I wish the Omani team success in the Arab Cup.”


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