Fixed return for 3 years| Details of the triple saving certificate from Ahli United Bank


Many citizens prefer to invest money in savings certificates with a fixed monthly return. Therefore, Ahli United Bank offers its customers a triple savings certificate with a fixed return, and various exchange periodicals, with a return of up to 9.5% annually, and a minimum of 5000 pounds to purchase the certificate.

Certificate advantages:

Minimum purchase of the certificate: 5000 pounds.

Certificate period: 3 years.

– Periodicity of interest payment: (monthly – quarterly – semi-annually – annually).

Return type: fixed.

You can borrow up to 90% of the certificate’s value against the certificate’s guarantee.

Return is calculated from the business day following the day of purchase.

The certificate may not be redeemed before the lapse of 6 months from the date of the day following the purchase, and the redemption is made according to the redemption schedule announced by the bank.

Return price:

  • (8.75%, periodically disbursed monthly)
  • (9%, quarterly periodically)
  • (9.25%, periodically semi-annual exchange)
  • (9.5%, on a periodic basis)

The required paperwork:

  • A valid national ID card.
  • Open an account with the bank.
  • Up-to-date utility receipt.
  • Proof of income.


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